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Gallery "Španac" offers a unique service which is gaining popularity worldwide, of renting paintings to legal entities and idividuals alike.

If you want to decorate your residential or office space with the most beautiful artworks for your special occasions, (promotions, celebrations, anniversaries) and the most important events, renting art is the right solution.

In accordance with your needs and requirements, the rental time can be per day, weekly, monthly or yearly.

We have decided to take this step to meet the needs of more and more businesses, companies, embassies, banks, hotels and restaurants, as well as other business organizations and private environments that want to have a pleasant ambience in their spaces.

With your choice of paintings, we decorate your premises with our paintings in accordance with your requirements.

We are sure that such a decision will enhance the look of your interriors and give you a new note of sophistication, artistic charm and warmth.

We offer paintings of our established painters, of various sizes and styles, and it is up to you to choose oil paintings, watercolors and pastels.

The authors of these works are renowned and well-known artists.

Rental fees are highly acceptable, depending on the number of images and the rental period.

If you opt for this form of renting paintings, we will transport them to the agreed location and set the paintings to the places of your choice.

Paintings guarantee is a matter of agreement and may be accompanied by an insurance or paid advance that is refunded after the expiry of the lease agreement.



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