Bulevar dr. Zorana Đinđića 44a, 11070 Novi Beograd. Tel: +381 11 311 0316

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The quality that we provide for years is the same for large systems and companies, as well as for individual clients.

Our work speaks the best about our gallery, companies that have been trusting us for many years.

Regular visitors and clients of our Gallery come from Belgrade as well as of other cities, institutions and companies from other countries, not just Europe, and the most numerous are those from the countries of former Yugoslavia.

The "Spanac" Gallery decorated the homes and workspace with paintings to many well known people from the public, cultural and sports life of our city, as well as the country, starting with the water polo association of Serbia and almost all of the the golden medal wearing water polo players of Serbia, and also basketball led by the head of the basketball team of Serbia, as well as a large number of players from the national team of Serbia, as well as celebrities from "Crvena Zvezda" and "Partizan".
Numerous exhibitions are behind us, and we can boast numerous clients with whom we cooperated and continue to cooperate.

Decorating bussines spaces with paintings is our specialty and our clients are:

Our clients said about us:

Aleksandar Sasa Djordjevic - selector of basketball team of Serbia

"Gallery deserves every compliment, I regularly visit it because I love art, paintings from the Spanac Gallery adorn the walls in my house and I often buy and give presents to dear friends"

Jonathan Moore - OSCE

"Amazing art and wonderful people. A favorite source in Belgrade "!

Morten J.Kristiansen - Telenor group

"We are satisfied with the various types of painters represented in your gallery" !.

Dragan and Milorad Popovic - BDO

"Every painting is a story for itself, the picture tells a thousand words, we began our story with the Spanac Gallery and we hope for a long and successful cooperation!"

Milos Jelić - Director of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce

"We trusted to those who know their work and who conduct it professionally. Traditional exhibition of paintings in our company are the true result of the work of this appealing, helpful and real art gallery that will always complement and satisfy your heart and soul. . "

Dragan Vuletić - owner of hotel and restaurant Zlatnik

"A complete hotel and restaurant, and now the banquet hall is decorated with paintings from our good friends in the Spanac gallery ... I can only praise the approach, organization and everything they do as well as recommend to anyone who loves art and paintings"

Slobodan and Dusan Bajic - HBB TRADE

"A great selection of paintings, a great selection of true artists, master craftsmen. In addition to oil on canvas Gallery has beautiful watercolors and pastels. A gallery that leaves a great impression on anyone who appreciates art... "

Mirko Urosevic - IMEL GROUP

"A gallery of trust, always ready for cooperation, good advice and compromise. The hosts father and son are doing this job for a long time and I only have the words of praise for everything they do and how they work! "

Mirko Milanovic - VIVA TRAVEL

"Only paintings from Spanac left me without a word, and the service is great. We decorated our home without having even come to the gallery. They come to the home address and decorate your home and it's up to you to choose and enjoy the art coming from this gallery. "

Miodrag Živulj - Thermoengineering

"Spanac Gallery is the best gallery by exhibits, prices, and especially by people. Arriving, staying, shopping, and leaving always leave a happy heart. Thank you for their existence! "



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