Predrag Vitezović

Painting of Predrag Vitezović – ET IN ARCADIA EGO


Painting size  50 x 75

124.000,00 RSD

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The painting of Predrag Vitezović – ET IN ARCADIA EGO evokes a special feeling because the autumn idyll with strong colors and a black horse in the foreground is depicted faithfully and painterly to perfection. This masterpiece by Predrag Vitezović cannot leave you indifferent. His winter and autumn landscape motifs are especially popular with art and painting lovers.

This work of art, painted with oil on canvas. Dimensions are 50 x 75 cm (without frame) and 72 x 97 cm (with frame). The price of the painting by Predrag Vitezović – ET IN ARCADIA EGO is with the frame. The frame is a lux rustic dark brown color with beads and the passepartout is a thin beige with a golden slip. The frame is selected with style and in accordance with the colors in the picture. This artist of modern works has been showing exceptional talent for years and is especially recognizable with his landscapes and sun rays, which he works in breath and with great passion.

With the technique of oil on canvas by Predrag Vitezović – ET IN ARCADIA EGO takes us on a journey to a different, idyllic world. Vitezović’s canvases often feature a landscape with forest motifs, waterfalls, streams and lakes. Special attention is drawn to his sunrays, which pass through the treetops and create a special warmth in the picture. ET IN ARCADIA EGO is a true example of his hyperreal painting.

In the shades of gray, yellow and white in the haze, the thin line that separates the sky from the rest of the landscape is lost, where the penetration of the sun’s rays gains its advantages and gives the picture a special note. His paintings are warm and unique due to the transparency and spirit that he transfers to the canvas. Each of his paintings is a play of colors and sun rays, where the sun’s rays dominate the picture and are also his greatest inspiration. Big fans of his paintings know that his paintings take a long time, so they often wait for his paintings for several months.

The painting of Predrag Vitezović – ET IN ARCADIA EGO comes with a certificate of authenticity and originality. This makes it an ideal choice for landscape and modern art lovers looking for original works of art. So get ready to be mesmerized by this beautiful piece of art. Add a touch of sophistication to your space with the painting by Predrag Vitezović – ET IN ARCADIA EGO

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