Mihail Kulačić

Painting of Mihailo Kulačić – Pancakes


Painting size 40 x 50

148.800,00 RSD

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Mihailo Kulačić’s painting – Pancakes, is a classic example of poetic realism and impressionism, for which this artist is widely known. This artwork is painted with oil on canvas. Dimensions are 40 x 50 cm (without frame) and 62 x 72 cm (with frame). The price of the painting by Mihailo Kulačić – Pancakes is with the frame. The frame is lux old gold with an additional beaded gold frame, and the passe-partout is a thin gold frame. The frame is selected with style and in accordance with the colors in the picture.

Using the technique of oil on canvas, Mihailo Kulačić’s painting – Pancakes is one of the paintings where he depicts the ambience in space in combination with still life. Kulačić’s painting perception is soaked in the fluid of poetic sensibility. This painter of Durbin’s sharp perception brings every picture to perfection with his broad stroke and impressionistic painting. His paintings are recognizable because you can see the stroke of the old Russian school of painting, as well as the stroke with a brush, which this professor of painting does to perfection.

He graduated from the painting department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1995 in the class of professor Živojin Turinski.
In addition to painting, he is also actively involved in illustrating books and magazines, mostly of an educational nature. He is an art editor and illustrator in the magazine for geopoetics, research of tradition and culture of living “Beautiful Serbia”, as well as in the lavish monograph “Belgrade, the city of secrets”, which has over 1000 pages.
He is also an illustrator in many magazines such as “Guide to Life”, “Serbia – National Review” and others. He is an assistant professor at the Academy of Classical Painting at Educons University (Sremska Kamenica), where he teaches drawing. You can see his paintings only in the “Spaniard” gallery, where the largest number of his paintings are exhibited.

In the pictures, he shows his observations from his native Perlez, where he evokes the atmosphere of that moment through warm colors. His paintings exude cheerfulness, powerful colors, impressionistic painting and precision of strokes. He exhibited many times in the country and abroad, and his paintings are bought by collectors all over the world. Mihailo Kulačić’s painting – Pancakes  comes with a certificate of authenticity and originality. Add a touch of sophistication to your space with Mihailo Kulačić’s painting – Pancakes


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