Dragan Ilić Di Vogo

Painting of Dragan Ilić Di Vogo – Poem by Bognarov


Painting size 70 x 100

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Dragan Ilić Di Vogo’s painting – Poem by Bognarov is a classic example of magical realism and fantasy with surrealist outlines. This artwork is painted with oil on canvas. The dimensions of the picture without a frame are 70 x 100. Some pictures are so vivid with colors that they can be placed on the wall in modern and large spaces without a frame.
The picture is without a frame and can be framed by us, which guarantees a gallery discount for framing.

Using the technique of oil on canvas, Dragan Ilić Di Vogo’s painting – Poem of Bognarov is one of the paintings where he depicts people, mostly boys and girls, although there are his children in his paintings and they are often found in his paintings. Di Vog’s painterly imagination is soaked in the fluid of poetic sensibility. This painter of Durbin’s sharp perception of things does not strive for strong, shocking effects, characteristic of the Surrealist style of painting. Di Vogo’s fiction is imbued with an atmosphere of lyrical experience.

He has been professionally engaged in painting since 1990.
Since 1991, he has exhibited independently and at numerous group exhibitions:
Vienna, Požarevac, Belgrade, Herceg Novi, Pristina, Sarajevo, Gornji Milanovac, Banja Luka, Athens, Paris, Los Angeles, Graz, Castroreale, Madrid, Rome…
He has been a freelance artist since 2001.
He is a member of the Art of Imagination association.

In his paintings, he shows such aspects of reality that balance between appearances and the possible, where the paradoxes of some situations and the interrelationship of artistic elements give the scene a dramatic or even scenographic character with a new metaphysical psychology of the image. Di Vogo creates an image that becomes a crystal of a refined sensibility for parallel reality, paradox and new meaning. The painting by Dragan Ilić Di Vogo – Poem by Bognarov comes with a certificate of authenticity and originality. He exhibited many times in the country and abroad, and his paintings are bought by collectors all over the world. Add a touch of sophistication to your space with the painting by Dragan Ilić Di Vogo – Poem by Bognarov

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