Sava Stojkov

My Russian girl


Painting size 85×60

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The painting of Sava Stojkov – My Russian Girl is an old picture from 2008. This is a rare example of an old portrait painting of him that can be found for free. This painting occupies a special place in Sava’s catalog. That is why this painting holds a special place among collectors and lovers of Sava Stojkov. Sava Stojkov is a landscape painter with a recognizable atmosphere.

This painting is made using oil on canvas technique. Sava made portraits of local people and their close relatives and residents of Sardinia. The dimensions of the picture are 85 x 60 without a frame and 60 x 70 with a frame. The original certificate comes with the purchase of the painting Sava Stojkova – My Russian Girl. It is a confirmation of the originality and authenticity of the painting.

The price of Sava Stojkov’s painting – My Russian Girl is with a frame. The frame is carefully selected by the author. The main frame is lux old gold, and the passepartout is wooden brown with a thin gold slip that follows the pastel colors of the picture and gives the picture a special note.

Sava Stojkov is a poet of the Bačka plain, its landscapes and its people.
His harmonious painting is based on clean and precise filigree work. The idyll of his works with a deep horizon exudes peace and quiet. Mysteriousness radiates from his paintings, which are placed on the principle of light and shadow contrast. In addition to landscapes, Sava Stojkov was also an outstanding portraitist.
He painted characters from the Bačka plain and placed his portraits in the plain landscape where they belong.

Sava Stojkov’s painting is a monument to the plain in Bačka and its people. It is a monument dedicated with a lot of love and a unique atmosphere. He lived and created in Sombor. He left behind an opus of over 40,000 paintings. The technique and content of his paintings show that he is a skilled draftsman and a great colorist. All the paintings from that period of Sava’s creativity are rare today in free sale.

His paintings are special because in addition to warm colors and unique painting that is recognizable, he left a deep mark to this day. The works of Sava Stojkov can be found in many reputable institutions, galleries, as well as in private collections. He has exhibited in the country and abroad, around the world about 312 times, independently as well as in another 550 group exhibitions and is the winner of numerous awards and recognitions.
The most significant awards are the Grand Prize of the Biennale in Milan in 1980, the First Prize of the Biennale of Yugoslav Naive Art in Svetozarevo in 1982, the prizes in Verona in 1982 and 1984, the Lifetime Achievement Biennial Prize in Jagodina in 1993 and the Masaryk Prize in Prague in 1996. It is represented by encyclopedias, lexicons and books on art.


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