Slobodan Radosavljević

Early spring


Painting size 80 x 55

86.800,00 RSD

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Slobodan Radosavljević’s painting – Early Spring is a classic example of his painting, for which this artist is widely known. This artwork is painted with oil on canvas. Dimensions are 80 x 55 cm (without frame) and 100 x 75 cm (with frame). Price of Slobodan Radosavljević’s painting – Early spring with frame. The frame is wooden wide black, and the passepartout is wooden thin golden slip. The frame is selected with style and in accordance with the colors in the picture.

Using the technique of oil on canvas, Slobodan Radosavljević’s painting – Early Spring is one of the paintings where he paints portraits and landscapes precisely down to the smallest details in the picture. Slobodan’s painting oeuvre and painting perception are impressionistic and realistically exude a lot of poetic sensitivity and peace. This painter of sharp perception brings every picture to perfection by painting with colors that give the picture a special warmth. His paintings are recognizable for painting portraits, nudes and landscapes.

The painter Slobodan Radosavljević graduated from the High School of Art and then educated himself. That part of the biography of this artist is crucial for understanding his creativity. He was educated in the real, old-fashioned way, today discarded, learning from the old masters whom he studies in European museums. That process is open and can last a lifetime, unlike academic schooling. The method of learning in large museums from our great painters was applied by professor and academician Milo Milunović and academician Ljuba Popović.

Radosavljević is first and foremost a realist, and realism is one of the two main stylistic formations of Serbian painting. Slobodan Radosavljević is a member of the least represented form of realism, the academic type, following the example of the masters of the previous century. This is an elegant form of that art, which combines many elements of other direction of realism.. Slobodan Radosavljević’s painting – Early Spring comes with a certificate of authenticity and originality. Add a touch of sophistication to your space with Slobodan Radosavljević’s painting – Early Spring

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