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The painting of Goran Mitrović – Čergari is an old painting from 2009. This is a rare example of an old painting of his that can be found for free. This painting occupies a special place in Mitrović’s monograph. His best paintings were included in the monoigraphy. That is why this painting holds a special place among collectors and fans of Goran Mitrović. Goran Mitrović is a landscape painter with a recognizable atmosphere.

This painting is made using oil on canvas technique. The dimensions of the picture are 60 x 120 without a frame and 100 x 160 with a frame. The original certificate comes with the purchase of the painting by Goran Mitrović – Čergari. It is a confirmation of the originality and authenticity of the painting.

The price of the painting by Goran Mitrović – Čergari is with the frame. The frame is carefully selected by the author. The main frame is a wide dark green wooden frame, and the passepartout is a light gray wooden frame with a golden slip that follows the pastel colors in the picture and gives the picture a special note. His paintings have a special and symbolic meaning of melancholic mood. In its plains darkened by a gloomy, cloudy sky, the observer can feel something “Russian”. The smell of a damp, autumn steppe like the one that Gogol painted with words.

His scarecrows and human-like dolls draw you into the scenes of relaxed farms as an element of fantasy. Mitrović’s way of painting, with its realistic manner, stands in contrast to the esoteric content of his paintings. It is precisely this contrast that gives the persuasiveness that is actually the source of his emotional action. The technique and content of his paintings show that he is a skilled draftsman and a great colorist. All the paintings from that period of Mitrović’s creativity are rare today in free sale.

All the scenes and scenes of Mitrović’s paintings are in constant motion. These scenes are the result of brilliant painterly virtuosity and clear vision. The beautiful, vast heavens are a powerful synthesis of the light of space, mysterious and beautiful. His paintings are special because in addition to warm colors and unique painting that is recognizable, he left a deep mark to this day.

Mirović’s works can be found in many reputable institutions, galleries, as well as in private collections. He exhibited countless times in the country and abroad. It is represented by encyclopedias, lexicons and books on art.

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