Miljan Vasiljević

Birch trees


Painting size 35×35

55.800,00 RSD

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The painting by Mijan Vasiljević- Birch trees is an example of hyperreal painting by one of our best painters of precise figuration. He started painting in Damir Savić’s studio and then continued his career in Canada. He paints in oil on canvas, using traditional materials and painting methods. His painting opus is still life and landscapes for which he is widely known.

The dimensions of the picture are 35 x 35 without a frame and 48 x 48 with a frame. An original certificate comes with the purchase of a painting by Mijan Vasiljević-Birch trees. It is a confirmation of the originality and authenticity of the painting.

The price of the painting by Mijan Vasiljević- Birch trees is with the frame. The main frame is wooden white with a silver slip, and the passe-partout is a deep white slip that follows the colors of the picture and gives the picture a special touch.

His still life paintings are dominated by fruit, which he works in breath with such precision that the viewer thinks it is a photograph. Fruits are the basis, namely apples, grapes, pomegranates, cherries and strawberries. Along with fruit, he paints glass and porcelain glasses, jugs, bowls and samovars. Often with still life, he also paints flowers, which fit nicely and romantically with his still life pictures.

He paints landscapes with precise depictions of grain, flower and fragrant fields with tree trunks that are often in his landscapes. He mainly paints birches, dandelions, white radas and poppies and other meadow flowers. There are often windmills in his landscapes, for which he is recognizable and widely known. He paints morning and evening motifs that give a special warmth to the picture with the outlines of the sun slowly setting into the dusk.

The painting of Mijan Vasiljević-Birch trees is a typical example of his school of painting and with his unique painting he conquered not only our areas but also Europe and America. He exhibited and worked in Belgrade and Toronto. It is represented in lexicons, monographs and books about art. He has his paintings in permanent settings in “Liss Gallery” in Toronto and in several galleries in Serbia. In the gallery Španac has the largest selection of paintings.



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