Loyalty program

Welcome to the world of our loyalty program! With the aim of rewarding our loyal customers, we have created this program that offers fantastic benefits and advantages. To better explain how everything works, we will detail each aspect of the program below.

Collect points and 10% get discount

Our program is based on collecting points that are awarded to registered users after each product purchase. The value of the points awarded is approximately equal to 10% of the purchased merchandise value. Points cannot be exchanged for cash but can be used for payment or to reduce the bill during your next online purchase.

You may wonder why you can’t redeem the accumulated points in-store. The reason is that the loyalty program operates exclusively online. This way, we can provide you with a transparent overview of your collected points and help you exceed the limits of your rewards.

Please note that the points you have collected have a validity period of 12 months. After that period, the points will be forfeited and cannot be used for purchases. You can always check the balance of your user account to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to redeem your earned rewards.

Sandra Mitrović - Hram  40x30.jpg
Olja Ivanjicki - Galaktika  80x100.jpg
Kristijan Filipović - Dan u šumi  60x80.jpg
Milan Miletić - Sveti Đorđe  50x40.jpg

Lastly, we want to emphasize that our loyalty program is a unique opportunity to reward our customers, connoisseurs, and art enthusiasts. All interested users can join today and start growing their points to be used for their next online purchase.


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