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Vladimir Aleksandrov

  • He was born in 1933. in Kladovo.
  • He passed away in 2003.
  • Famous Banat painter, realist Vladimir Aleksandrov.
  • His paintings today adorn the galleries of four continents around the world.
  • On his canvas brush, rural motifs, prehistoric customs and the earthly path from birth to death are immortalized.
  • Until the last days, he lived in Bohemia, lonely in his home, in Dobrica village in Alibunar municipality, which he turned into a gallery and a local museum, the only one in the municipality.
  • It has been collecting archaeological objects, antiques, historical materials for decades and preserving them from the "teeth" of time.
  • He was a chronicler of the city and the head of the Cultural Center in the village.
  • With the departure of Vladimir Aleksandrov, villagers Dobrice lost their prominent fellow citizen, and the bankers of the great painter.



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