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Siniša Labus

  • He was born in 1971. in Zagreb.

    He has been working on painting and painting since he is a little boy.

  • He obtained the first theoretical experience in the walking school of the master of sculpture Vuk Bojović.

  • Later, he studied with Drago Malešević Tepi, and at the same time he also visits ateliers of other contemporary real painters.

  • He often travels abroad, visiting large world galleries and museums.

  • In his own words, he acquires the greatest practical knowledge by copying works of old masters.

  • He is noted for the most prominent representatives of Baroque, High Renaissance and Realism in Russian 19th-century painting.

  • For the greatest specimens, Spanish artist Diego Velasquez and Russian painter Ilija Rjepin are considered.

  • Leading Leonard's maxim is "weak is one artist dealing with only one topic", Labus is equally successful in all thematic artistic units.

  • His spectrum of interest is very wide, so he is devoted to portraits and dead nature, as well as landscapes and historical - mythological compositions.

  • In his works, he devotes special attention to the exploration of national values, in order to reach the international and the general public in this way.

  • So far, he has performed independently in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Apatin, Zlatibor and other cities of Serbia, and has performed collectively in Chicago, Washington, New York, La Hoya and Carmel.

  • He occasionally participates in the work of domestic and international art colonies, and works in many private collections throughout the country and the world.



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