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Sava Stojkov

  • He was born in 1925 in Sombor.
  • He graduated from Primary School and Civic School in Sombor, and in 1941 he enrolled in a trade craft and began to arrange a shop window shop.
  • The first oil on canvas was painted in 1942. "The 1941 war I found me as a fifteen-year-old apprentice at the textile school.
  • Luck smiled at me when I received the complete painting accessories from my good second employee at the bookstore.
  • Then my first oil on canvas was created, which I recorded by the native Prnjavor and the Sombor periphery. "
  • He has exhibited in the country and abroad, around 312 times in the world, independently as well as at another 550 group exhibitions and has received numerous awards and recognitions.
  • The most important awards are the Grand Prix of the Biennale in Milan in 1980, the Prize and the Biennale of Yugoslav Naive Art in Svetozarevo 1982, the awards in Verona in 1982 and 1984, the Biennial of Life Biennial Prize in Jagodina in 1993 and the Masaryk Prize in Prague 1996. year.
  • Sava Stojkov is a poet of the ravine of Finland, its landscapes and its people.
  • His harmonious painting is based on pure and precise filigree work.
  • The idyllicness of his works with a deep horizon exudes calm and silence.
  • From his paintings, which are set on the principle of contrast of light and shade, mysteriousness emanates. "Sit down and" brush "with brush, staring at" nothing where everything is, "building from a" dialogue "between the two Sava a reality that is true to us."
  • In addition to the landscape, Sava Stojkov was an outstanding portraitist.
  • He painted characters from the ravine of the country and put his portraits into a plain landscape where they belong.
  • The painting work of Sava Stojkov is a monument of the plain in Bačka and its people.
  • It is a monument dedicated to a lot of love and a unique atmosphere.
  • He lived and worked in Sombor.
  • He left behind an opus of over 40,000 paintings.
  • Sava Stojkov died on August 20, 2014 in Sombor 



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