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Sandra Mitrović

She was born in 1976 in Belgrade.

She finished high school for interior decoration and landscape architecture and studied high school for design.

She took part in the painting waters after many years of experience in the interior design business.

Communing with the painters and with great love for fine arts, she began to paint, and, according to many art experts, she was very successful.

Sandra Mitrovic's technique of oil on canvas leads us to a trip to a different, idyllic world.

On Sandrin's canvas is Perast, a city of her childhood and growing up.

In the shades of blue, in the mist, a thin line that separates the sky and the sea, its greatest inspirations, is lost.

The characters are seen in the distance, in the shore, sometimes carefree, and sometimes conceived.

With the child's view, the landscape, the sea sprinkled like oil, peaceful and pitiful, there are boats, girls and boys, the naval decor and the magic Lady of Škrpjela, as an indispensable part of the landscape of Perast.

Of all the painters, the legendary Vojo Stanic is sometimes insulted as the greatest inspiration from her paintings.

She lives and works in Belgrade.



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