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Rade Bunčić

  • Born 1953. In Zemun.
  • It starts from an early youth with painting, where it exhibits itself on numerous collective
    exhibitions in his city.
  • In the later period he is acquainted with important painters who will determine the directions of painting
    in further life.
  • The most important friendship with Milan Andrić, who will, during his studies at the Academy of Applied Arts
    in Belgrade, to be a professor and open the way of knowledge and skills of the work of old painters, their styles and methods
    of work, which led him to perfection.
  • The painter Michelangelo Merisi - caravaggio left the biggest influence on Buncic, as the only religious realist who
  • His works showed awareness of misery, injustice and mischief in the world, and this implies a contempt for human
    institutions and their power.
  • His pictures may seem to belong to the world, but that's not true.
  • They nourish the faith of the transcendental power of prudence, reconciliation with fate and faith.
  • They speak with a plethora of visible, but they speak of the invisible. They are centered on the human body, but in their center, it is his
    the spirit and his soul.
  • Bunčić begins to copy Karavadija in original dimensions as well as in detail. He left in 1974.
    To Switzerland, where already with his knowledge and art and making copies, at the recommendation of his professor for a copy of Renoir,
    Chagalla, Goya, Vermer, Turner, Velazquez, Raffaelo, Lukas Craxich it Vechio and Caravaggio, for their national
    museums, galleries, collectors and antique shops.
  • In 1985, He returns to Yugoslavia where, with rich artistic experience, he begins to do his own work
    Under the influence of Milic from Macva, Ibrahim Ljubojević, Milan Jakić, reveals his style of work in which he dominates
    realistic surrealism. Work style - a mixture of rich experience.
  • He currently lives and works in New Belgrade on Bežanijska Kosa in her studio, where she is also a youth school
    talented painters who want to copy old works of art and work on restoration and conservation of old
    art works.



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