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Predrag Vukićević

He was born in 1950.

Predrag Vukićević graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts - department of wall painting in the class of professor Gradimir Petrović.

He completed his postgraduate studies at the same faculty.

Specialized mosaic. He is a member of ULUS. He has exhibited at numerous exhibitions in the country and abroad, of which significant solo exhibitions are in

Belgrade, Novi Sad, Senta, Budva, Zurich, Brussels, and works in mosaics in Belgrade, Malmo and Helsinborg.

The value of this exhibition is in the interconnection of painting masters whose stronghold is found in the works of the best painters of the twentieth century, and the patterns of modern global communication behavior, which in front of whose information bursts falls, the very need for art that Vukićević not only ignores but also intensifies brilliantly illustrates the effect of the chaotic life of the individual as a deliberate topic of this cycle of works.

Observing such a subject, necessarily and inevitably implies a serious language of art, the dramatic nature of the combat complements, an illustration that alerts us, the displacement of the chosen motif from the context of the situation, and the series of ingenious works that Vukićević dealt with with the overall sociological problem of the individual




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