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Ljubiša Motić

  • He was born in 1945 in Laznica near Zagubica.
    • Conducting a life in isolation in the village, she sees the beauty of the iconostasis following her grandmother in the church.
    • Looking at them, he had the impression that he sees all the beauty of the world in them, watching this beauty, watched for hours through the church village chapel while his peers played in the church's porch.
    • Having attended, he visited museums in Belgrade and visited the works of contemporary artists at the school excursions, but was touched by works by artists of the nineteenth century, among which before work were Uros Predic, Paja Jovanovic K. Daniela, Katarina Ivanovic and others.
    • He decided to become a painter under the strong impression of the works.
    • Enrolls the academy but does not manage to come up with new insights into the beautiful, unlike modern art.
    • In 1971, he met Veru Ristic, a Doctor of Art History, which he says was a true encyclopaedia of painting, from which he reveals the secret of gray color that is sparkling in color to allow incarnation painting (the color of human skin).
    • Its style ranges from hyper to classic realism, and the most common painting is oil on canvas.



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