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Ištvan Penzes

  • He was born in 1942 in Becej.
  • Painting has wished in the elementary school that lasts even today.
  • He already knew that he would follow him all my life.
  • He started drawing himself in the third grade of elementary school.
  • He is not ashamed to say that he has never even learned how to paint even one move.
  • He studied himself, copying great masters for years until he saw that he had mastered the way of painting himself.
  • Since then, it has been working in its own way.
  • So far he has done about 1500 paintings in about 15 countries around the world from America to China.
  • He work completely alone, solely with the magnification of course between the 4 walls.
  • In addition to painting, he also deal with music, and language learning.
  • He lives and works in Becej.



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