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Goran Tasić

  • Goran was born in 1969. in Leskovac.

  • He finished elementary school and grammar school as one of the best pupils of the generation.

  • He graduated in 1995. at PMF-Faculty of Physics in Belgrade.

  • For more than 20 years he has been working professionally, as a professor of physics and chemistry in Leskovac.

  • Talent for fine arts, he has been exhibiting since pre-school age, and later in primary and secondary school he receives more praise, recognition and reward for his work.

  • He participated in 10 collective exhibitions and organized 3-solo exhibitions in the field of painting - one author and two with a smaller group of authors.

  • With enthusiasts from Leskovac 1997 launched the first Leskovac strip magazine "Arsenal" (7 + 7 magnificent), with which he also participated in the 10th "Comic strips" in the country and abroad.

  • During 2008/2009. He made illustrations for the famous publishing house Ann's Paper Art.

  • He participated in 3 art colonies in 2010 and 2012, in the vicinity of Belgrade and Jagodina. 2013.g. successfully participated in the "International Competition of Comtemporary Artists" in Russia and 2014. at the International Competition Awards in America.

  • In the period since 1997 until 2003. He was a member of the ULIPUL Art Association in Leskovac.

  • Since 2004 is engaged in fine arts as "Independent art artist - autodidact".

  • Stylistic and thematic is expressed very heterogeneously, occasionally through applied art, and rarely through sculpture.

  • He deals with the production of paintings and drawings with spiritual Christian thematic, ie. making icons and frescoes in the Byzantine and Baroque style.

  • He represents the idea and the truth of "beauty aesthetics" in art and life, in general.

  • Hundreds of Goran's paintings, icons, drawings and illustrations are owned by private collectors and friends, various companies and people, as well as the property of Orthodox churches and monasteries.

  • In 10 works of Goran's works, there are also outside of Serbia - Montenegro, Macedonia, BiH, Denmark, Switzerland, England (U.K.), Norway, Canada, Australia.




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