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Dragan Kunić

  • He was born in 1955 in Posušje near Mostar.
    • Law Faculty finished in Mostar.
    • Professional painting since 1989. He is a member of ULUPUDS since 1993.
    • The whirlwind of the war pulled him from Mostar and brought him to Belgrade, where he now lives and works.
    • Although in our current painting, following the general "full circle of modernism", fovism and interjudic expressionism of color and colorism have found little justification for their long youth, in the flows of diverse returns to painting and painting.
    • The lunatic case is somewhat isolated and completely similar, independent, but uncovered open to known influential tributaries.
    • As so many of our celebrated artists, Kunić, as a man of culture and knowledge of the order of things in this domain, has shown a lot of hearing for what is most appropriate to the creative challenge, especially as it is based on well-founded values



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