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D. Petrov Morar

  • She was born in 1946 in Sefkerin.
    • Photo from 1964. He lives in Pancevo. She exhibited at individual and group exhibitions in the country and abroad.
    • In determining the artistic expression of Desanka Petrov Morar, the influence of her native region, the village of Sefkerin on the banks of the Tamiš River, is not doubtful.
    • How many myths about gender, specific characteristics, determines the work of the painter, shows with his myths, forms, painting of figures, drawings and figures in clay.
    • In the ambient, a beautiful Banat patriarchal village, under a clear blue sky, with houses colored facades, intimate interiors, leisurely living.
    • Observing icons in churches, nature and people in everyday affairs, festivals and religious rituals,
    • Desanka has gained love for beauty since her early childhood.
    • And, precisely the attachment to the environment enabled the painter to remain genuine in his inspirations and visions.



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