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Darko Ljahović

  • He was born in 1979 in Sremska Mitrovica.
    • Painting is encountered for the first time in the studio of painter Jovica Tomašević. In 2000, he started painting Jovic's speech from which he gained his first painting experience and from whom he received advice and guidelines for his painting. As a painter amateur he participated in several joint exhibitions, his paintings are sold in galleries throughout Serbia.
    • Participation in exhibitions:
    • * Zona view of the artistic creation of Srem 2003 in Ruma.
    • * Pokrajinska gledara umetničkog stvaralaštva 2003. in Novi Sad.
    • * An exhibition of art works by Ukrainian artists from Ukraine, Serbia and Croatia in 2004 in Sr.Mitrovica.
    • * Art Salon Srem 2004.Sr.Mitrovica.
    • * The Festival of Fine Art in 2005 in Sr.Mitrovica.
    • * 25.Sremskomitrovski salon 2005.
    • * 2006. On the occasion of the artistic creation of the municipality of Sr.Mitrovica, he receives praise for the painting "Painted".



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