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Damjan Đakov

  • He was born in 1959 in Belgrade.
  • After finishing the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in the 1980s, he went to Italy, first in Piz, then to Viaredo and Modena, where he met the work of contemporary Italian artists (Tansavangardia, Hipermanirzam ...) who returned painting to the center of artistic interest quoting experiences and works from the past.
  • Although he did not fit into the movements he had, he had many touch points with them and developed a distinctive distinctive style.
  • Unlike Italian painters who based it on their past, Damjan has drawn his stylization and simplification inspired by fresco painting and icons from Serbian tradition.
  • It combined this expression with the modern expression of pop culture and the influences of modern media.
  • He lives and works in Belgrade.



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