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Bane Stefanović

  • He was born in 1952 in Belgrade.
    • Graduated from the Pedagogical Academy - Department of Personnel.
    • He participates in a large number of exhibitions and art colonies, both in the country and abroad.
    • He has received numerous awards and praise.
    • 1992. He became a member of ULUS-ab and became a free artist.
    • Collaborates with numerous galleries in the country and abroad, is especially popular with our diaspora.
    • You can see his pictures in the gallery "Spaniard" where he has the greatest number of his works, as well as in the gallery "Workshop of the Soul", "Prosveta" and many others.
    •Prizes and awards:
    • 1987 - Pohvala, Majski susreti, Beograd
    • 1988 - Diploma, SKUD Beograd
    • 1988 - Silver Plaque and Diploma, SAS, Belgrade
    • 1989 - Silver plaque and diploma, SAS, Tito Uzice
    • 1989 - The plaque of the city of Zagreb
    • 2006 - 1st prize, Poster of Belgrade Association, gallery "Progres", Belgrade



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