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About our gallery

The family story of our gallery began in 1987.

As a dancer of AKUD “Branko Krsmanovic” traveling through the world (40 countries) Borislav was infected with beauty and passion for art, and after the end of his career he worked as general secretary in the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, where it all matured, and gave a special mark, he left the theatre and in 1987 and began with gallery work.

Reinforcement comes in 2003 from son Djordje who leaves his profession and joins his father in the adventure of the opening of the “Španac” gallery in 2006 in Bulevar dr. Zorana Djindjica 44a.

Djordje succeeded to expand and modernize his father’s experience with new technical and creative moments and to bring new quality in the of this well known gallery, not only in Serbia but also much wider.

“Spanac Gallery” is specialized in selling artistic paintings of our reputed painters – who are thinking about art, more precisely about painting, similar to us.

Spanac Gallery focuses mainly on poetic realism, also representing notable masters of precise figuration as well as hyperrealism, impressionism, surrealism and modern art.

Alongside paintings in oil on canvas, Gallery offers selection of exceptional watercolors, pastels and graphics.

Exhibitions of our and your “Gallery „Španac


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