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The quality that we provide for years is the same for large systems and companies, as well as for individual clients.

Our work speaks the best about our gallery, companies that have been trusting us for many years.

Regular visitors and clients of our Gallery come from Belgrade as well as of other cities, institutions and companies from other countries, not just Europe, and the most numerous are those from the countries of former Yugoslavia.

The "Spanac" Gallery decorated the homes and workspace with paintings to many well known people from the public, cultural and sports life of our city, as well as the country, starting with the water polo association of Serbia and almost all of the the golden medal wearing water polo players of Serbia, and also basketball led by the head of the basketball team of Serbia, as well as a large number of players from the national team of Serbia, as well as celebrities from "Crvena Zvezda" and "Partizan".
Numerous exhibitions are behind us, and we can boast numerous clients with whom we cooperated and continue to cooperate.

Decorating bussines spaces with paintings is our specialty and our clients are:

Our clients said about us:

Aleksandar Sasa Djordjevic - selector of basketball team of Serbia

"Gallery deserves every compliment, I regularly visit it because I love art, paintings from the Spanac Gallery adorn the walls in my house and I often buy and give presents to dear friends"

Jonathan Moore - OSCE

"Amazing art and wonderful people. A favorite source in Belgrade "!

Morten J.Kristiansen - Telenor group

"We are satisfied with the various types of painters represented in your gallery" !.

Dragan and Milorad Popovic - BDO

"Every painting is a story for itself, the picture tells a thousand words, we began our story with the Spanac Gallery and we hope for a long and successful cooperation!"

Milos Jelić - Director of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce

"We trusted to those who know their work and who conduct it professionally. Traditional exhibition of paintings in our company are the true result of the work of this appealing, helpful and real art gallery that will always complement and satisfy your heart and soul. . "

Dragan Vuletić - owner of hotel and restaurant Zlatnik

"A complete hotel and restaurant, and now the banquet hall is decorated with paintings from our good friends in the Spanac gallery ... I can only praise the approach, organization and everything they do as well as recommend to anyone who loves art and paintings"

Slobodan and Dusan Bajic - HBB TRADE

"A great selection of paintings, a great selection of true artists, master craftsmen. In addition to oil on canvas Gallery has beautiful watercolors and pastels. A gallery that leaves a great impression on anyone who appreciates art... "

Mirko Urosevic - IMEL GROUP

"A gallery of trust, always ready for cooperation, good advice and compromise. The hosts father and son are doing this job for a long time and I only have the words of praise for everything they do and how they work! "

Mirko Milanovic - VIVA TRAVEL

"Only paintings from Spanac left me without a word, and the service is great. We decorated our home without having even come to the gallery. They come to the home address and decorate your home and it's up to you to choose and enjoy the art coming from this gallery. "

Miodrag Živulj - Thermoengineering

"Spanac Gallery is the best gallery by exhibits, prices, and especially by people. Arriving, staying, shopping, and leaving always leave a happy heart. Thank you for their existence! "

Online shopping:

If you have decided to purchase a particular piece of art, click on the purchase button, fill in the form with your information and follow further instructions.

After that we will send you an email confirming your order and its number.

When your payment is recorded on our account, your desired artwork will be in your home by express courier delivery or personal delivery, depending on your location.

For every other option we are at your disposal, and if you wish, we can contact you and arrange for your purchase.


All artworks displayed on the www.prodajaslika.org  can be ordered online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Buyers on the territory of Serbia can order the desired articles quickly and easily at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The prices of artworks on www.prodajaslika.org are listed in dinars, euros and dollars.

Prices in dinars do not include VAT because Gallery Španac is not in the VAT system.

The Španac gallery reserves the right to cancel the order within 48 hours from the registration of the order.

This refers to situations where the gallery estimates that it cannot, for objective reasons, fulfill delivery deadlines.

The gallery reserves the right to refuse an order from a customer with a previous history of suspicious orders.

Payment methods:

Španac gallery offers simple and secure payment methods. It's up to you to choose.

1. Payment in advance through the account, debit card, bank transfer and general payment.


Citizens of Serbia can make payment in dinars on our dinar account.
Number of dinar account RSD: 355-1090395-74, Vojvođanska banka, NBG group, Belgrade

Citizens outside the territory of Serbia can make payments in euros to our foreign currency account.
Number of foreign currency account EUR: RS35355000320061021648, Vojvođanska banka, NBG group, Belgrade

Citizens outside the territory of Serbia can make payment in dollars on our foreign currency account.
Number of foreign currency account USD: RS35355000320061021842, Vojvodjanska banka, NBG group, Belgrade

The total amount, based on our estimate, must be paid into our bank account.

Detailed information to be provided on the payment slip or transfer order is received by e-mail, once the order is confirmed.

We will send you an Invoice (Estimate) and Payment Instructions to your e-mail address.

We emphasize that the transfer costs and bank charges are to be paid by the buyer.

After recording your payment, the artwork or work from the order book is packaged and sent to your address unless otherwise specified by our agreement.


2. Payment to courier upon delivery

This refers to the purchase of artwork of smaller values ​​(up to 50,000 dinars)

Payment is done in cash to the courier who delivers the the shipment.

3. Payment on installments.

Payment in cash through installments or checks of citizens.

If you order an artwork, we will contact you by phone or e-mail, and it is best to come personally to the gallery and arrange all the details about the purchase.

The purchase method is determined by the buyer himself, and the payment is done personally in the gallery in cash or checks of citizens by arrangement and at the scheduled time of payment.

After payment of the agreed installments, the buyer takes his work of art.

4. Payments personally at the Španac gallery

If you want to order an artwork online via the Internet or by e-mail and you want to pay in our gallery, you can do this by following an online order, contact us at e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone in the Španac gallery +381113110316, or


Great convenience of payment in the Spanac Gallery is that we grant discounts for art works on the spot, which can be up to 35%!


Španac gallery can deliver your order to any address in Serbia. The following postal services are available for delivery:

1. Post Express Courier Service of Serbia, www.postexpress.rs. Allows users to quickly and safely transfer shipments in domestic and international traffic (only for Slovenia, Croatia, Republic of Srpska and Macedonia).

2.AKS Ekspess Courier, www.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Španac gallery can deliver your order to any address in the world. The following postal services are available for delivery:

1. PTT service of Serbia, www.posta.rs/default-eng.asp. Allows for standard and air delivery od package in domestic and international traffic (more then 200 countries worldwide).

2. DHL Worldwide Express courier service, www.dhl.rs. Guarantees safe and quick way of delivering and handing the delivery in international traffic (in more then 200 countries worldwide).

3. FedEx Express courier service, www.fedex.com. Guarantees safe and quick way of delivering and handing the delivery in international traffic (in more then 200 countries worldwide)

For paintings of greater value, or for purchasing more pieces, Španac gallery personally delivers images in Belgrade, around Belgrade, mostly weekends to your address.

Time and cost of delivery - Shipments are taken every day and delivered every day except Sunday, door-to-door, according to the principle today for tomorrow. The delivery price depends on the place of delivery and the weight of the package, and they are charged according to the valid price list of the selected postal service and the delivery price paid by the buyer of the picture.


Gallery Španac provides the opportunity to provide your package against the risk of loss and damage that is exposed during domestic transport.

What if the shipment is not insured?

The Španac gallery does not bear responsibility and does not recognize the compensation for damages in the event of loss, damage or reduction of the contents of the shipment that is not insured.

Your Španac gallery

The family story of our gallery began in 1987.

As a dancer of AKUD "Branko Krsmanovic" traveling through the world (40 countries) Borislav was infected with beauty and passion for art, and after the end of his career he worked as general secretary in the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, where it all matured, and gave a special mark, he left the theatre and in 1987 and began with gallery work.

Reinforcement comes in 2003 from son Djordje who leaves his profession and joins his father in the adventure of the opening of the "Španac" gallery in 2006 in Bulevar dr. Zorana Djindjica 44a.

Djordje succeeded to expand and modernize his father's experience with new technical and creative moments and to bring new quality in the of this well known gallery, not only in Serbia but also much wider.

"Spanac Gallery" is specialized in selling artistic paintings of our reputed painters - who are thinking about art, more precisely about painting, similar to us.

Spanac Gallery focuses mainly on poetic realism, also representing notable masters of precise figuration as well as hyperrealism, impressionism, surrealism and modern art.

Alongside paintings in oil on canvas, Gallery offers selection of exceptional watercolors, pastels and graphics.

Exhibitions of our and your Gallery „Španac“


Gallery "Španac" offers a unique service which is gaining popularity worldwide, of renting paintings to legal entities and idividuals alike.

If you want to decorate your residential or office space with the most beautiful artworks for your special occasions, (promotions, celebrations, anniversaries) and the most important events, renting art is the right solution.

In accordance with your needs and requirements, the rental time can be per day, weekly, monthly or yearly.

We have decided to take this step to meet the needs of more and more businesses, companies, embassies, banks, hotels and restaurants, as well as other business organizations and private environments that want to have a pleasant ambience in their spaces.

With your choice of paintings, we decorate your premises with our paintings in accordance with your requirements.

We are sure that such a decision will enhance the look of your interriors and give you a new note of sophistication, artistic charm and warmth.

We offer paintings of our established painters, of various sizes and styles, and it is up to you to choose oil paintings, watercolors and pastels.

The authors of these works are renowned and well-known artists.

Rental fees are highly acceptable, depending on the number of images and the rental period.

If you opt for this form of renting paintings, we will transport them to the agreed location and set the paintings to the places of your choice.

Paintings guarantee is a matter of agreement and may be accompanied by an insurance or paid advance that is refunded after the expiry of the lease agreement.


Gallery Spanac is specialized in selling paintings (oil on canvas, watercolors and pastels). All paintings are easily accessible for both online and in live purchase.  Opening the  gallery is a real adventure, and have a clear concept that is consistently carried out, which is rare in this part of world ... Poetic realism is the bearer in the largest part of our portfolio, together with masters of precise figuration as well as creators of hyper realism. We are the only gallery in Serbia and the Balkans, which is dedicated solely to realistic painting, poetic realism and hyper realism.

See you soon,
Gallery "Španac" and its hosts
Borislav and Djordje Djurdjevic



 PAINTINGS FOR SALE - sale of paintings online, certificate of authenticity, border crossing permits, paintings shipped to your address, we bring artwork to your home address.

 SALES AND PAYMENT OF PAINTINGS - for legal entities, and in certain cases for individuals. Rental of paintings has become a popular practice and hit in developed markets (special gifts, festivities, jubilees, decorating business and living space). Fees are minimal, and the time of rent and other conditions are a matter of our agreement.

 PURCHASE OF PAINTINGS FROM YOUR HOME - we are able to offer you the purchase of paintings without having to come to the gallery. For the purchase of three or more pictures, we come to your home address and bring out a significantly larger number of paintings that you have previously selected, and you in your home make the decision which paintings like you most and which you want to buy.

 PAINTINGS INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR - - we are able to offer you all kinds of wall techniques - murals, mosaics and stained glass.

 CONSIGNMENT PAINTINGS - we are able to offer you a consignment sale of your paintings in our gallery. Gallery Španac forms the price and negotiates all terms of sale in agreement with you.

 PAINTINGS AND DISCOUNTS - All paintings in the gallery will be approved in the amount of 10-30%, depending on the quantity and value of paintings for which the buyer decides.

 AFTER WORKING TIME AND SUNDAY - In agreement with you, we can schedule a meeting or visit to our gallery after working hours, which means in the evening, Sunday or when it suits you. It's only necessary to contact us one day earlier and make an appointment.



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