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Poetic realism

Paintings - style Poetic realism. Gallery Spanac sells  paintings in the style of poetic realism. Spanac Gallery has made it possible to purchase paintings online, and also offers  rental of paintings.

On this page there is a large selection of  paintings in the style of poetic realism.

Time machine

Goran Mitrović


Base price: 49.600,00 RSD
42.160,00 RSD
Discount: -7.440,00 RSD


Srećko Radulović

Painting size 74x88

Base price: 74.400,00 RSD
63.240,00 RSD
Discount: -11.160,00 RSD


Bojan Stričević

Painting size 20x30

Base price: 27.200,00 RSD
23.120,00 RSD
Discount: -4.080,00 RSD


Jovica Tomašević

Painting size 20x40

Base price: 34.700,00 RSD
29.495,00 RSD
Discount: -5.205,00 RSD


Bane Stefanović

Painting size 19x27

Base price: 29.700,00 RSD
25.245,00 RSD
Discount: -4.455,00 RSD

Two boats

Dragan Đaković

Painting size 20x25

Base price: 31.000,00 RSD
26.350,00 RSD
Discount: -4.650,00 RSD

Two wells

Dragan Paunović

Painting size 50x80

Base price: 111.600,00 RSD
94.860,00 RSD
Discount: -16.740,00 RSD

Udahni vazduh

Dejan Trajković

Dimenzije slike 35x45

Base price: 79.300,00 RSD
67.405,00 RSD
Discount: -11.895,00 RSD


Mihail Kulačić

Painting size 26x55

Base price: 105.400,00 RSD
89.590,00 RSD
Discount: -15.810,00 RSD

View from Kitka Hill

Dejan Trajković

Painting size 40x50

Base price: 43.400,00 RSD
36.890,00 RSD
Discount: -6.510,00 RSD

View of Boka

Mihail Kulačić

Painting size 15x22

Base price: 69.400,00 RSD
58.990,00 RSD
Discount: -10.410,00 RSD

Village road

Dragan Đaković

Painting size 22x25

Base price: 39.600,00 RSD
33.660,00 RSD
Discount: -5.940,00 RSD

Vojvodina landscape

Old paintings

Painting size 60x80

Base price: 198.400,00 RSD
138.880,00 RSD
Discount: -59.520,00 RSD

Waiting for him

MIlan Kolbas

Painting size 45x55

Base price: 55.800,00 RSD
47.430,00 RSD
Discount: -8.370,00 RSD

Walking with the joyous paths

MIlan Kolbas

Painting size 40x60

Base price: 39.600,00 RSD
33.660,00 RSD
Discount: -5.940,00 RSD

Warm winter

Slađana Nedeljković

Painting size 40x50

Base price: 39.600,00 RSD
33.660,00 RSD
Discount: -5.940,00 RSD


Predrag Radovanović

Painting size 70x100

Base price: 161.200,00 RSD
137.020,00 RSD
Discount: -24.180,00 RSD


Miljan Vasiljević

Painting size 100x25

Base price: 59.500,00 RSD
44.625,00 RSD
Discount: -14.875,00 RSD



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