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Large size

Paintings - paintings with Large size. Gallery Spanac sells paintings with large size. Spanac Gallery has made it possible to purchase paintings online, and also offers rental of paintings.

On this page there is a large selection of paintings with large size.

A dull day

Zoran Vuković

Painting size 100x90

Base price: 193.400,00 RSD
174.060,00 RSD
Discount: -19.340,00 RSD

A large field of wheat

Miljan Vasiljević

Painting size 60x70

Base price: 86.800,00 RSD
78.120,00 RSD
Discount: -8.680,00 RSD

A large poppy field

Miljan Vasiljević

Painting size 80x100

Base price: 99.200,00 RSD
89.280,00 RSD
Discount: -9.920,00 RSD

A thrilled sea

Kristijan Filipović

Painting size 80x110

Base price: 161.200,00 RSD
145.080,00 RSD
Discount: -16.120,00 RSD


Zoran Vuković

Painting size 140x120

Base price: 471.200,00 RSD
424.080,00 RSD
Discount: -47.120,00 RSD


Željko Laušević

Painting size 70x100

Base price: 161.200,00 RSD
145.080,00 RSD
Discount: -16.120,00 RSD


Srećko Radulović

Painting size 92x72

Base price: 217.000,00 RSD
195.300,00 RSD
Discount: -21.700,00 RSD


Zoran Vuković

Painting size 75x60

Base price: 161.200,00 RSD
145.080,00 RSD
Discount: -16.120,00 RSD


Bane Stefanović

Painting size 70x50

Base price: 86.800,00 RSD
78.120,00 RSD
Discount: -8.680,00 RSD


Milan Pantelić

Painting size 130x200

Base price: 347.200,00 RSD
312.480,00 RSD
Discount: -34.720,00 RSD

Birch trees triptych

Miljan Vasiljević

Painting size 60x150

Base price: 148.800,00 RSD
133.920,00 RSD
Discount: -14.880,00 RSD

Birth of venus

Goran Tasić

Painting size 96x69

Base price: 186.000,00 RSD
167.400,00 RSD
Discount: -18.600,00 RSD

Blue bag

Milan Pantelić

Painting size 180x130

Base price: 310.000,00 RSD
279.000,00 RSD
Discount: -31.000,00 RSD

Blue portrait

Milan Pantelić

Painting size 200x100

Base price: 285.200,00 RSD
256.680,00 RSD
Discount: -28.520,00 RSD

Boats on the river

Darko Ljahović

Painting size 50x70

Base price: 62.000,00 RSD
55.800,00 RSD
Discount: -6.200,00 RSD

Bridging the bride

Srećko Radulović

Painting size 105x130

Base price: 248.000,00 RSD
223.200,00 RSD
Discount: -24.800,00 RSD


Vukašin Govedarica

Painting size 85x100

Base price: 136.400,00 RSD
122.760,00 RSD
Discount: -13.640,00 RSD

Colorful field

Zoran Stajičić

Painting size 100x80

Base price: 76.800,00 RSD
69.120,00 RSD
Discount: -7.680,00 RSD
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