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Slađana Nedeljković

  • She was born in 1968 in Vranje.

  • From the earliest age of childhood, it showed interest and love for creative expression.

  • She graduated from the Middle Art Design School in Niš and graduated from the Teacher Training School in Vranje.

  • Authenticity of her inner expression and sensibility - she represented through artistic paintings at numerous collective and humanitarian exhibitions, fine art colonies in Vranje and Serbia.

  • She worked as a designer, colorist, creator for unique designs and sophisticated details on women's clothing.

  • In the Gallery of the National Museum in Vranje, she bravely stepped into the rich art scene of the city, with her first solo exhibition of color drawings.

  • As an artist, she wanted to return to the past, rich in color and detail, presented her colleagues with another solo exhibition "Magical Caramel".

  • During the creation of a gorgeous third-in-a-row solo exhibition "The Secret of Crossing" - Gallery of the National Museum of Vranje, inspired to write poetry.

  • Thus, a collection of poetry "Moment" was created and published.

  • She has presented her work so far through numerous sites, literary portals, is featured in many collections and anthologies of poetry, in many joint collections of publishing houses from Serbia and Croatia, cultural journals and beyond the borders of Serbia.

  • She participated in several International Festival of poetry and manifestations representing her city - Ljubljana-Maribor-Zagreb-Pula-Rovinj-Pazin-Biograd na moru-Banja Luka-Novi Sad-Belgrade-Nis-Leskovac-Surdulica.

  • She is the winner of many Thanksgiving for unselfish support and contribution to the promotion of culture.

  • She was also an editor.

  • She is one of the editors of the international book "Pisanija". She announced her second poetry collection "Searching" in 2015.

  • She writes love poetry, which is mostly represented in her previous collections, but also other forms of poetry, as well as short stories.

  • From pictures to songs, from songs to pictures, likes to socialize and meet people with the same interests.



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