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Milan Pantelić

    • • He was born in 1986 in Sabac.
      • Graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade 2010.
      • Currently at the final year of doctoral studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, with professor Slobodan Kajtez.
      • Worked as a teaching assistant at the same faculty since 2013, Applied Painting Department.
      • Produced 6 solo exhibitions in Serbia and participated in about 60 group exhibitions in the country and abroad.
      • Realized 6 public works in public places in Serbia.
      • Lives and works in Belgrade.

      Solo exhibitions:

      Narodni muzej Šabac, Serbia, 2017.
      Gallery Art55, Niš, Serbia, 2014.
      Gallery KC Šabac, Serbia, 2014.
      Zecevic Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, 2014.
      Gallery KC Gradac, Raska, Serbia, 2014.
      Gallery KC Kovin, Serbia, 2014.


      Scholarship of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development for the highly gifted students of doctoral studies, Serbia, 2016.
      First prize at the 59th October Salon, Narodni muzej Šabac, Serbia, 2015
      Third prize at the Youth Show, Novi Pazar, Serbia, 2015.
      Second Prize 30x30, Cultural Center Zrenjanin, Serbia, 2014.
      The first prize at the international vibe-painting symposium Fora viva Makole, Maribor, Slovenia, 2013.
      The first prize for the mosaic at the International Stone Fair, Stone Colony, 2010.

      International Symposiums and Colonies:

      Art colony Mileševa, Prijepolje, Serbia, 2017.
      52th International Art Colony Sićevo, Niš, Serbia, 2016.
      11th International Painting Symposium, Zvižnic, Poland, 2016
      International Art Colony Osojane, Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia, 2014.
      International Painting and Sculpture Symposium Forma viva Makola, Maribor, Slovenia, 2013.

          Thinking about the approach and experience of Milan Pantelic, we realize that he firmly places himself among world artists and philosophers, with a profound vision of a modern man with all his worries, pressures and changes. Milan's characters recall the transformed characters of Frensis Bakon, his dumb screams on Munkov's "Vrisak", and his thoughts on Boys' philosophy. Pantelic's art is not only visual entertainment, it even takes us through conceptual dimensions outside the space, using the symbols of a consumer society like empty-sometimes full - bags packed on the net, at the same time screaming, figure. This gimmick figure sometimes looks like an actor in an inner struggle with a modern society that through machinery, modern technologies, unlimited means of communication and permanent conflict turned into something that is only in the outer form of "more human." Pantelic finds a way to express the concern of a modern man through the advancement his talent and artistic skills, technique and manipulation of shape and color. Adel Mustafa, Lecturer at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Alexandria, Egypt




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